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Alpine Skiing and Neuroscience

Ciencia Académicos
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This book discusses the neuroscience applied to skiing and how the brain and nervous system model the skier´s behavior. It accommodates to all skiers´ levels, instructors, teachers, and coaches. The skier is the creator of its own condition and the reasons for his reactions to the environment are listed in these pages. Based on thirty years of the author´s experience in teaching and observing the behavior of students and skiers in general, as well as several years in researching books, dissertations, and dozens of scientific papers, this work proposes a different perspective in skiing perception, introducing new strategies to renew old thinking habits. How to use consciousness? What are the causes of the influence of emotions, feelings, and perceptions? Why vision and body consciousness determine how to execute the movements and actions during motion? What utility risk and speed perception have in skiing? These and other issues facilitate the understanding of how to interact with the mountain, the snow, the gliding or the slope´s tilt. In short, this book lays the foundation for reflecting about skiing behavior and performance and how to optimize it.

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