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How to do Stand-Up I

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Do you want to make people laugh on stage? This book will teach you how to write and perform Stand-Up. It’s an instructive guide showing the initial steps anyone should take to start on the right foot in Stand-Up and become a comedian. It’s easy to read, very practical, and full of examples. The author, Kristof Micholt, explains how to write, try out, polish, and improve your jokes to their fullest. You will also learn how to act out your material so it has a stronger impact, manage your fears, and acquire powerful mental states to make people laugh. The author reveals what works, what doesn’t, and why. Kristof understands Stand-Up as a great journey. He will help you find out your type of humor and where you want to talk about. You will know how to make humor out of your life and turn it into a funny set to perform on stage. There’s nothing like making people laugh!

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