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How to do Stand-Up II

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How do you become a professional comedian? Comedy clubs book comedians who offer 'guarantees'. These are comedians who in 90% of their shows blow the audience and in the other ten percent (the 'difficult' shows) manage to give the people a good time (although it may not have been explosive). In this book, we're going to take a closer look at some aspects of Stand-Up that you can explore to learn the skills of a professional comedian. First of all, the author will help you find your stage personality and you will learn to deal with some of the difficulties that can distract the audience's attention during a show. For example, some people disrupt the show (people who constantly talk or intervene, the so-called hecklers) or something else can divert attention (p. ex. some noise). We'll see what you can do in every situation, especially the dreaded hecklers. We then go into more detail in the book on several specific skills. There is presenting a show (or being an MC), improvising with the audience, private and corporate gigs, producing Stand-Up and bringing your solo show. Practicing these disciplines will give you specific skills and insights that will make you a much better comedian.

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